Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sighisoara, the medieval treasure of Transilvania

Located into the beautiful hills of central Transilvania, one of the loveliest landscapes of Europe, Sighisoara is, for sure, a place worth seeing. It is situated 400 km east of Budapest and 165 km north-vest of Brasov, and, after you surpass the difficulties of the old Romanian infrastructure, when arriving into this medieval wonder you'll discover a charming little town, with great arhitecture and extremly reach in historical sites.

Sighisoara is very much like Prague, but at a smaller scale and it also has the advantage that is not yet so invaded by mass tourism. An old saxon fortress built in the XIII century, it amaizez by the fact that it is still inhabited nowdays, more than 700 years after. The Clock Tower and the Hill Cathedral are the two buildings that stand out from the town's skyline. But in Sighisoara every corner teems of nice surprises, the small medieval streets and XV century houses creating the perfect setting for long and romantic walks.
The Transilvanian city it has a very cosmopolite and multicultural atmosphere, beeing the location for numerous cultural events, which are held each year. The Medieval Arts Festival, which is held every year at the end of July, is maybe the best occasion to visit this charming medieval burg. The narrow streets are buzzing with people of various ethnic background and of all ages. During the three days festival are organized more then twenty events related to medieval theatre, dance, music, exhibitions, crafts, etc, along other folk, rock, etc.
Certainly Sighisoara is a must see when visiting Eastern Europe. The only problem is generated by the poor condition of the romanian roads. The prices are relatively low and the region is packed with quality accomodations for all the budgets.

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